August 29, 2014
I love Donna!!!!

I love Donna!!!!

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August 28, 2014
Eddie Mack: Louie, look me in the eye and tell me I have one good reason to live.
Louie: [a long pause] No.
Eddie Mack: See, you got nothin'.
Louie: No. No, I'm not - I'm not playin' that. I'm not doin' it.
Eddie Mack: Whadda you mean.
Louie: I mean - I mean fuck you, man. I got my reasons to live. I worked hard to figure out what they are; I'm not just handin' 'em to you. Okay? You want a reason to live? Have a drink of water and get some sleep. Wake up in the morning and try again like everybody else does.
Eddie Mack: Yeah, yeah, yeah: "tough love."
Louie: Nah, no love. Okay? More like "tough not givin' a shit anymore," Eddie. If you wanna - If you wanna tap out 'cause your life is shit... You know what, it's not *your* life. It's life. It's - life is bigger than you, it's - if you can imagine that. Life isn't somethin' that you possess, it's somethin' that you take part in, and you witness.
Eddie Mack: [laughing] You are - You are so excited right now, that you get to give the big speech. You would love to be the guy that talks this loser - who you never think about - outta suicide so you can feel better about yourself. This is not about you, Louie. This is just me sayin' good-bye. It was nice to know ya when I knew ya.
August 9, 2014
"Giving a recital in the local library, at eleven, Eunice [Nina Simone’s real name] saw her parents being removed from their front-row seats to make room for a white couple. She had been schooled by Miz Mazzy [Nina’s piano teacher] in proper deportment, but she nevertheless stood up and announced that if people wanted to hear her play they’d better let her parents sit back down in the front row. There were some laughs, but her parents were returned to their seats. The next day, she remembered, she felt ‘as if I had been flayed, and every slight, real or imagined, cut me raw. But, the skin grew back a little tougher, a little less innocent, and a little more black.’"

an excerpt from “The Many Battles of Nina Simone”, The New Yorker

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